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Buy your Full Options « Customized Seabob » with us :

Your customized colour, your customized image / logo / name. Chrome Package & SEABOB Cam! Seabob F5, F5s & F5SR are available from 7.845€ ex.vat



Extreme low weight is the main distinguishing feature of the SEABOB F5. It has a propulsive force of 480 newtons and a weight of 29kg. The 4 power-level controls the E-Jet power system in the SEABOB F5.

These power levels guarantee perfect fun and pleasure.

The power-to-weight ratio and high performance give the craft a special degree of dynamism. 

The SEABOB F5 is suitable for handling in water because

of its outstanding qualities. When diving, it practically demonstrates a unique performance on the water surface.

The SEABOB F5 can be enjoyed in small and large pool complexes due to its high degree of maneuverability.



The SEABOB F5S is a watercraft with a powerful

high-performance mechanism weighing 34kg. It has a propulsive force of 680 newtons accompanied with good handling features on the water and 6-power-levels E-Jet power system. The 6 gears switch makes it easy for you to glide along at a relaxed pace. You can switch the gear

to low or more ambitious high-speed driving.

 The SEABOB F5S stands out because of its unique features and dynamism. The elements in matt chrome design portray its sporty appearance. Its high-degree of maneuverability makes it suitable for use in large pool complexes. The SEABOB F5S is always at home on the sea.



The SEABOB F5SR has a Wi-Fi transmission module, two-rear fins for stability, SEABOB Camsystem with two integrated cameras, valuable chrome package, and an in-built storage system. You can select any of the colour ranges in stock with no additional charges. The sporty design accompanied with its maneuverability is just perfect due to the double rear fins.

The most powerful watercraft in the SEABOB F5 series is the SEABOB F5SR because of its unique driving performance with a strong propulsive force of 745 newtons and an engine controlled by 7-power gear levels. The SEABOB F5SR offers superb low and high-speed experience depending on the selected gear. It has special high-quality equipment and very strong engine power.


Customize your SEABOB


Want to get a unique SEABOB?

Our company provide you the solution! We are specialized in SEABOB customization.

No matter what you are looking for, we will create the ultimate SEABOB matching your request.

Share with us your wishes and we will go for it!



A request can be made for the installation of SEABOB integrated camera technology. A full HD camera serves as a record-system in the SEABOB's bow. At the touch of a button, the camera films/stores every detail experienced in the underwater world. The information display has another in-built full HD camera which is integrated as an action-selfie-cam.

This can be activated by the touching a sensor. All the activities of the pilot are recorded while driving the SEABOB.

A monitoring function is activated on the SEABOB's information display when the recording system is turned on. This function makes it easy for all recording cameras to be professionally controlled. You can always share awesome experienced in the captivating underwater world with others at any time using the SEABOB Camsystem. It is easy to share on-board saved recordings from the SEABOB with any Smartphone or media storage with WLAN technology.


Chrome Package

The Chrome Package makes a unique statement:

Display and tail in a matt-chrome design;

tail ring chromium plated.


Black Package:

Tail, display console and tail ring in matt black design.


Special Serial Colours

The robust surface makes up the SEABOB special serial colours which are protected against high-wear with the aid of special surface technology. Make a choice by giving a robust surface with the colours in basic version to your SAEBOB.


Bright Colour and Bicolour Design

The SEABOB attracts more attention with the Lumex bright colours which are high-gloss surfaces in intense luminous colours. The colour provides visual protection when suddenly emerging from water depths and when driving very fast through the water.

The SEABOB displays an awesome appearance with the big label and high-gloss surfaces Bicolour design. The extraordinary expressive design of the SEABOB gives it a sporty and unique attribute.


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