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Yacht SEABOB rental

Yacht SEABOB rental

You can have an awesome experience

of the SEABOB on your yacht or tender.


SEABOB-Jet rental is offered all over Europe. We can offer delivery services to your boat. For optimum and effective performance, we make sure each unit is delivered with goggles that are designed specially. Every unit is delivered and charged based on the work time. Rentals are only made to yachts and boats. Bookings can be made in the high or low season at 350 Euros per day.


SEABOB rental for beach

Aquanimity provides you with the opportunity to discover our SEABOB centres. Do you seek for a whole new experience? We are inviting you to one of our exclusive beach desks.

Our SEABOB can be rented for 30 to 60 minutes as this will help you discover the world of SEABOB! 


Summer exclusive packages

This is all about the V.I.P SEABOB experience. We guarantee you the best solution to discover use a SEABOB-Jet. Our packages are specifically designed for sea lovers. We do propose and offer SEABOB training with professional trainers. Our team will provide the best solution to whatever you are looking for as this will make you discover the unique world of SEABOB. We invite you to dive into a new dimension.

We provide packages that allow you to enjoy the SEABOB experience without having to bother about logistical issues of any sort by providing high-quality and innovative equipment.


Do you intend to buy a SEABOB after testing our exclusive packages?


Aquanimity offers customer satisfaction programme where the price of the package will be deduced based on the final price of the SEABOB*.

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