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A yacht is an extremely private investment. The search for the right yacht requires professional guidance as well as personal insight.

How is a buyer supposed to pick out the real deal? The best yacht, the best value?

This is where Aquanimity brokerage team comes into its own.

A unique sales model

Every Aquanimity broker is part of a global network. Wherever in the world you meet with us you will reap

the benefit of many years of experience,

and a universal view of the best opportunities.

Our brokers works on behalf of buyers to shortlist yachts

from every continent. Because our team works closely together, and because we are involved in such a high proportion of superyacht transactions, we have an

unrivalled view of prevailing market opportunities.


We offer a full service

Aquanimity brokers work alongside internal yacht management, charter and technical teams. This means we can advise not only on the real market value of a yacht, but also on her charter potential, operational costs and any maintenance/refit considerations.

You will always want to get the best possible price for your yacht when it is time to sell it. The reason is that your yacht is undoubtedly the most likely of one of your largest investments and most prized possession. The best fleet of superyacht sale in the world is offered by our company. Buyers and sellers are easily brought together discreetlythrough our advanced database network.

Our professional Aquanimity Yacht Brokers team will regularly ensure that your yacht is kept at its peak condition at all times because this guarantees longer usage years and better resale value in the future.

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