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Waiting to enjoy time on your yacht without worrying about the time-consuming demands of general yacht activities? Aquanimity guarantees you timely management in catering for the needs of the owners who want to enjoy quality time. Aquanimity yacht management empower yacht owners with the ability to capitalise on their purchase which ultimately turns into a long-term investment with an attractive annual ROI (Return On Investment).

Charter Management

When you own a yacht, it implies a precious possession,

an indulgent luxury, the key to freedom, or a lifelong ambition. A yacht should never be a burden to you in terms of increased challenging passion to maintain it and unwelcomed responsibility. Regular charter is the best way your yacht

can generate valuable income for its maintenance.

Your most prized asset is in the trusted hands of our experienced management team. We have the world-leading management and marketing professionals who will make sure that your yacht meets the best international profile.


Professional Maintenance

& High Resale Value

Our professional Aquanimity Yacht Brokers team will ensure that your yacht is kept at in peak condition at all times.

This ensures longer usage years and better resale value

in the future.


VIP Concierge Services

Our VIP Concierge Service allows you to enjoy a seamlessly organised holiday with airport/hotel pick-up, personalised yacht setup, complimentary welcome package, a charter guide with water sports instructors, and various activity programs.


Flexible Program

At the end of the set contract period, experienced Aquanimity yacht brokers will assist you with advice on resale and investing in a new yacht, should you wish to continue enjoying the program. If you decide to withdraw during the contract, you are free to do so at the end of each season after the second contract year.


New Build Project Management

We know that the ultimate ambition for any prospective yacht owner is commissioning a personalised watercraft which has been designed and built to your taste. The procedure is complex and demanding as it involves different parties and unlimited decisions. We offer valuable assistance in such situations by working together with you and your captain. At every phase, your personal project manager will assist you in selecting a designer to manage the warranty procedure. 


Refit Project Management

When you talk about the yacht refit process, our Yacht team

is highly skilled and offer professional experience. Your project manager will work with you to ensure perfect and smooth refit because he will act as a liaison between you, the client,

and shipyard.

Our refit management services include:

Monitoring quality, work, and timescale to meet the agreed completion date.

On-site supervision and management of shipyard work-in-progress.

Refit of contractual conditions review and negotiation.

Selecting yards, contractors, part suppliers and obtaining quotations.

Managing work specifications and production of refit.

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