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Switch the power and get started

Water is surely the best place to be if you are seeking to have an ultimate driving pleasure. There is no limitations or boundaries in the water. SEABOB-Jet offers you with huge open space with maximum freedom. You will attain an unforgettable driving experience no matter the gear you select because speed is fully regulated by the Control grip.

The SEABOB has so much dynamism due to the massive thrust generated between the power phases.


Riding pleasure is unlimited whether intensive or relaxed

Underwater safe driving

Sporty water driving

Leisure gliding

SEABOB-jet makes these activities easy because you can move freely like an eel underneath and on the surface of the water. However, the SEABOB when in its element, is environmentally friendly. The SEABOB-Jet has powerful speed but moveswith minimal soundin the water.


The Element is Irrepressible and Intense

A high degree of agility in the water is provided by the SEABOB-Jet because of its hydrodynamic shape; all it requires is for the pilot to move their body weight to a particular direction.


It powerfully glides along with you whenever you are diving, zipping, or cruising through the water. You will always feel the awe-inspiring easy maneuvering feature of the SEABOB-Jet.



In order for the SEABOB-Jet to measure up to its claim as the absolute paragon of cutting-edge technology, the drive section was made with precious metals resistant to salt water, ceramic coating, and premium carbon element.

It is hand-crafted with top-quality materials.

Each feature reveals the SEABOB-Jet quality standard.


The SEABOB-Jet's motor is built with a synchronised

high-torque drive-unit that contains a 3-phase sinus power management system that is controlled by a microprocessor. This motor is able to achieve the perfect amount of torque with maximum efficiency due to the application of

cutting-edge technology. Highly efficient Lithium-Ion accumulators provide power for the drive mechanism. However, the SEABOB-Jet remains compact and sleek despite all the added technological features.

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